About Dundee

Welcome to About Dundee 2016, the thirteenth edition of the booklet. About Dundee is a compilation of frequently requested, useful statistics about Dundee. The information is provided in both tabular and graphical form, with accompanying comments on some of the main points to note.

The About Dundee publication can be found using this link:

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Where possible the most recent figures available at the time of production have been used. In some categories the only information available is from the 2011 Census. All the information from this booklet may be copied or referred to, providing the appropriate acknowledgement of the source is clearly stated.

Sources are given at the foot of each table, graph, map and commentary. Maps have been included to provide a schematic overview, requests for further information should use the email address below.

A limited number of paper copies are produced and circulated at the time of the initial publication. Main access to the document is available on-line, enabling individual pages to be printed off or copied and pasted.

The booklet is produced by the Information & Research Team who are part of the Community Planning Team.

Contact Details:

Dundee City Council, Information and Research Team, Floor 4, 8 City Square, Dundee, DD1 3BG

E-mail: gillian.simpson@dundeecity.gov.uk