Common Good Fund


Historically, ‘Common Good’ is a term synonymous with the creation of Burghs as trading
counties. A Burgh became a trading county when the King licensed that Burgh to have
markets, and at that time a ‘Burgh Fund’ was set up - this is now referred to as the
Common Good Fund.

As indicated by its name, the fund is to be used for the common good of the city, and
within this fairly broad banner, applications are now being sought. Awards will generally be
in the region of £5,000 to £20,000, though consideration will be given to larger or smaller
requests and are strictly one-off awards (i.e. not for continuing / ongoing activity).

Bodies in receipt of an Award need to ensure that there is suitable publicity for the work /
activity funded by the Award at the start, and in appropriate ways and at appropriate
intervals thereafter. In such publicity, full recognition should be given to the value of the
award received.

For an application form click here, or for an informal discussion about a potential application, please
contact Paul Davies, Senior Community Planning Officer, on 01382 434624 or email to


News Date: 
Mon, 2016-07-11 15:54