Community Regeneration Funding

Dundee has six Wards containing Community Regeneration Areas. These are based around datazones identified through the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) as being in the lowest ranked 15% across Scotland. To aid regeneration efforts in these areas, funds have been allocated to each of these Wards (at least £135,000 per Ward in 2017-18). An elected Forum of local community representatives in each Ward make recommendations on funding applications to the Building Stronger Communities Group each month.

Access to funding is by application form (see below links) and is open to local groups, voluntary sector agencies, and public sector bodies (including Dundee City Council). Private sector companies are also able to apply where their aims meet the Dundee Partnership aim of reducing inequalities and tackling deprivation.

Summaries of the grant awards made

For 2015-16: can be seen here.

2016-17 grant awards to date by month: February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December; January; February

Information on more recent grants can be viewed in previous editions of the DP E-Bulletin.


In 2017-18, an additional allocation of £20,000 was made to each of The Ferry and West End Wards to help tackle some of the pockets of inequality / deprivation found there. In these two Wards, the Local Community Planning Partnership is responsible for commissioning agencies / groups to carry out work.


Dundee Partnership Community Regeneration Fund Application Form

In The Ferry / West End, please use this form.

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