Community Safety Partnership


  • support the development of specialist fora to promote community safety
  • promote partnership working and inter-agency liaison in relation to community safety
  • assess and deal with emerging community safety issues
  • co-ordinate the gathering and dissemination of strategic community safety information
  • use strategic information for strategic and operational planning purposes
  • identify and respond to inter-agency training needs
  • publish and present regular reports to key stakeholders
  • seek and promote access to external funding
  • build the capacity of community groups to identify and address issues of local concern


Sub Groups

CSP Funding - Commissioning Budget

The CSP has a modest budget available each year to allocate to its priorities. Partners may be allocated funding to support work they are undertaking to meet the CSP priorities. This funding is agreed by the CSP and is approved at the Council’s Policy and Resources; Police, Fire and Community Safety Committee.


The CSP administers four grant funds. Full details of these are available on the Council Website and applications can be made on-line. Applications up to £1,000 may be approved by the Head of Communities and grants over £1,000 must go to Committee for approval. Grants may not be allocated retrospectively. The following gives brief details of the grants:

Community Safety Hub

Strategies and Other Documents