Dundee's Environment

The Dundee Partnership for the Environment (DPE) strategic theme group was formed in 2002 as a formal theme-group within the Community Planning framework to bring together the collective efforts of statutory, advisory, business and voluntary partners to improve Dundee’s environment. Through this partnership approach, DPE aims to engage organisations and communities to enhance understanding and awareness of the quality of the city’s environment and develop opportunities for local action.

Dundee Partnership for the Environment's Vision:

“To improve the environment of Dundee and secure environmental justice for communities across the city”.

Dundee Partnership for the Environment Aims:

  • Green-proofing the Community Planning Process - to provide a strong environmental input to the community planning process by ensuring that environmental considerations are placed at the heart of Dundee Partnership’s activities and decision-making processes.
  • Delivering an Environmental Strategy that makes a Difference - to develop, implement, monitor and review an action oriented Environmental Strategy for Dundee that shapes and steers partnership working to achieve positive outcomes on a range of environmental issues.
  • Community Action and Empowerment  - to provide opportunities for communities to actively care for their local environment and help citizens participate in decisions affecting Dundee’s environment.
  • In-House Communication - to serve as a forum for discussion, debate and information exchange on environmental matters relevant to Dundee and the Dundee Partnership.
  • External Communication - to raise awareness about the Environmental Strategy and Dundee Partnership for the Environment’s core activities to help raise the profile of environmental issues within the city. On this page you will find links to the minutes of theme group meetings and other documents relating to Building Stronger Communities.

Environmental Strategy:

Dundee Partnership for the Environment - Environmental Strategy 2008 -2011 (2.3MB PDF)


Abertay Centre for the Environment, Carbon Reduction Action & Information Centre, Dundee City Council, Dundee College, Dundee Fair Trade Forum, Dundee Sun City, Dundee Voluntary Action, Friends of the Earth - Tayside Local Group, NHS, Tayside Recycling Institute, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Solar Cities Scotland, Sustain Dundee, Tayside Biodiversity Partnership, Tayside Foundation for the Conservation of Resources, Tayside Police, The One World Centre, University of Dundee.

Action Plan Updates:

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