E-Safety – Lead Officer, Liz Kay

This group also reports to the Dundee Children and Young Peoples Protection Committee.


  • to ensure the safe use of electronic communications in Dundee
  • prepare a strategic assessment and develop an action plan and monitoring framework
  • ensure co-ordination of partners and resources in Dundee to tackle e-safety issues
  • raise awareness of issues and develop appropriate responses
  • ensure link to other relevant policy areas
  • provide training and resources for staff, parents, students, volunteers
  • link to national programmes and developments as appropriate
  • tackle issues relating to on-line radicalisation, sexual exploitation, fraud and cyber bullying
  • establish a SPOC (single point of contact) Group to ensure strategic oversight

Membership December 2014

E-Safety Group

  • Liz Kay, Communities, DCC
  • Claire Ramsay, Communities, DCC
  • Taletta Jamieson, Education, DCC
  • Sally Anderson, Social Work, DCC
  • June Jelly, Education, DCC
  • Fiona MacPherson, Leisure and Culture Dundee
  • Donald Mackenzie, Social Work, DCC
  • Lyn Alexander, Barnardo’s
  • Ann Manzi, Barnardo’s
  • Morag Cumming, Communities, DCC
  • Fiona Aird, NHS
  • Jennifer Keenan, Police Scotland
  • Kevin O’Donnell, Police Scotland
  • Michaela Wilson, Barnardo’s
  • Lorraine Bairstow, WRASAC
  • Phillippa Smith, Barnardo’s,Nicola Matthew, Barnardo’s

E-Safety SPOC Group

  • Liz Kay, Communities, DCC
  • Jim Wallace, Barnardo’s
  • Fiona Aird, NHS
  • Ged Bell, IT, DCC
  • Christine Lowden, DVA
  • Mark Duncan, Police Scotland
  • Frances Greig, Social Work, DCC
  • Martin Tait, SFRS
  • Fiona MacPherson, Leisure and Culture Dundee
  • June Jelly, Education
  • Glyn Lloyd, Social Work, DCC

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