Hate Incident Multi Agency Partnership - HIMAP

HIMAP – Hate Incident Multi Agency Partnership – Lead Officer, Inspector Mark Duncan

The group meet every second month at Lochee West District Housing Office


  • support the development of working practises and share, examine, report and monitor hate incidents, crimes and trends to the CSP
  • take action as required by holding multi agency meetings to ensure that victims are supported
  • develop preventative approaches and action plans to tackle identified trends, support victims and tackle offenders
  • tackle fear of crime in relation to hate crime, tackling under-reporting, building trust and developing third party and remote reporting processes

Membership December 2014

  • Mark Duncan, Police Scotland
  • Caroline Duke, Victim Support
  • Amy Lawson, SACRO Mediation
  • Claire Ramsay, Communities, DCC
  • Gillian Lamb, Housing, DCC
  • Val Johnson, NHS
  • Joyce Barclay, Social Work, DCC
  • Evelyn Cairns, DVA
  • Scott Mands, Communities, DCC
  • Nasreem Mohammed, Police Scotland
  • Kevin McMahon, Police Scotland
  • Allana Lewek, Police Scotland
  • Jennifer Keenan, Police Scotland
  • Carina Mitchell, Advocating Together
  • Kevin Ditcham, Men Only Tayside, Terrence Higgins Trust
  • Vacancy, Education, DCC

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