Strategic Information, Monitoring and Evaluation - SIME

SIME – Strategic Information, Monitoring and Evaluation – Lead Officer, Liz Kay

The nature of the work of the group is such that much of it can be done via email and it therefore only meets about twice per year.


  • production and updating of the CSP Strategic Assessment
  • development and monitoring of the Dundee Single Outcome Agreement, Outcome 6
  • evaluation of the Dundee Single Outcome Agreement, Outcome 6

Membership December 2014

  • Liz Kay, Communities, DCC
  • Lindsay Burns, Analyst, CIU
  • Graeme Mackenzie, Finance, DCC
  • Morag Beattie, City Development, DCC
  • Shahida Naeem, Analyst, Social Work
  • Ann Erikson, NHS
  • Christine Lowden, DVA
  • Caroline Snowdon, NHS
  • Martin Tait, Scottish FRS
  • Kathryn Sharp, Social Work, DCC
  • Claire Ramsay, Communities, DCC
  • Glyn Lloyd, CJSW, DCC
  • Craig Somers, Environment, DCC
  • Laura McDermott, Environment, DCC
  • Stewart Steen, Housing, DCC
  • Anthony Jenkins, Community Planning DCC
  • Peter Allan, Community Planning, DCC
  • Lucy Rennie, Community health Partnership
  • Bryan Harris, Community Planning, DCC
  • Mark Duncan, Police Scotland
  • Elaine Osborne, MAPPA, (Multi Agency Protecting People Arrangements) DCC
  • Chris Johnston, Criminal Justice Authority
  • Kevin McMahon, Police Scotland
  • Kenny Lindsay, Communities, DCC
  • Steven Dalton, Alcohol Drugs Partnership
  • Kay Lonergan, WRASAC
  • Gillian Simpson, Community Planning, DCC
  • John Josie, Communities, DCC
  • Vered Hopkins, Alcohol Drugs Partnership

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